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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 18, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tonight. >> i think she's got a beautiful face. >> short, tall, fat, ugly. >> i never attacked him on his look, and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there. >> debate number two is in the books, and in between the insults there were untruths. >> as it relates to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. >> tonight debunking the top three falsehoods from the reagan library. then, is it finally time to sell high on donald trump? >> i think america is about to -- >> the mohamed story gets bigger. >> i didn't think i was going to get any support because i'm a muslim boy. >> my interview with the irving police chief who is standing by the arrest. >> it's a very suspicious device. >> of course, there is backlash to the backlash. >> does anyone think it did not look like a dangerous weapon out of a die hard movie? >> "all in" starts right now. ♪
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>> good evening. we'll get to the fall out from the second republican debate soon. tonight moments ago a really surreal and disturbing event just took place. iconic, i think, event in this campaign so far. the first questioner in a town hall meeting for donald trump in rochester, new hampshire made outrageous statements that appear to going un rebutted by donald trump. what seemed to be a call for ethnic cleansing. >> okay. this man. i like this guy. >> from white plains. >> okay. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question this is -- >> but anyway we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question.
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when can we get rid of them. >> we're looking at a lot of things. a lot of people are saying that and that bad things are happening there.fsy we'll look at that and plenty of other things. >> to be clear, when can we get rid of it that's the question? when can we get rid of the fictional muslims in training camps or maybe all muslims? and the answer from donald trump who is now polled in more than a dozen polls consecutively was "we'll be looking at a lot of different things." the nonsense about muslim training camps came up a few questions later. >> the fbi knows all about that. >> right. >> america has also guns pointed at ordinary citizens here. one of them -- >> don't get nervous. you're on about seven television networks! don't get nervous. don't choke! >> one is the bureau land management and the agriculture. they're shutting different
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branchs down. >> that's right. >> but they seem to be pointing a gun to make sure they get their fees. this is our own government putting us at siege. how can we get in there and stop them? >> so many things will change. these are regulations but so many things. that's one. you know, one of the things being in real estate we have army bases, navy bases. so many are for sale. and so many have been sold over the last short period of time. you say how many can we sell? i see it all the time. they come across my desk. so many. things will change. >> all right. joining me now nbc news correspondent hallie jackson. you were in that town hall. i have to say, i watched that. it really seemed like a chaotic atmosphere and it seemed that donald trump got out of there quickly. it seemed like -- i don't to be exaggerating but it felt like the crowd was getting more and more riled up the longer it went. >> this was intended to be a rally.
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it was something where donald trump wanted to come out after the debate and fire up the supporters. so they were fired up. it was certainly ruckus, as often trump events are. this one is different he took questions from the members of the audience. something we don't see him do. he did not hold a media availability. anything with the press, which is a little bit different. he's usually somebody who comes in, talks to the press, and does his events. the first question you ran a minute ago, it was very interesting. people really sort of stopped and listened and listened to what donald trump had to say. it harkins back a little bit to the moment in 2008 where john mccain corrected somebody who called president obama a muslim or arab. he said that's not correct. we didn't see that from donald trump this time. there was a heckler in the crowd behind trump at one point. and the crowd that booed down the heckler and donald trump brushed it off. he got out quickly. one of the thing we've seen is the mob scene zround -- surrounding donald trump.
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his motorcade or his caravan of cars pulled off. all the way from the second he stepped off from the podium to the car he was surrounded by people. it was a crush of body guards, staffers, folks wanting autographs. people who wanted him to sign their book or rolling stone, for example. it's an atmosphere unlike many you see in politics. >> hallie jackson thank you so much for joining us and for being there. joining me now charlie pierce, ben and host of the federalist radio show. ben, people show up to events and you can't hold the candidates' views. but that guy said the president is a muslim. he's not from this country. the muslims are trying to kill us and said when can we get rid of them? that's about a explicit of a call as ethic cleansing as i've heard for a long time. donald trump said we're looking at a lot of things. that strikes me as off the table.
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that's off the table. that's not, i mean, i think you're laughing because what else can you do in the face of that? >> it's mostly this, chris, it's rare you have an opportunity to have a single event vindicate everything you think about what is kind of underneath the excitement about donald trump, but i think that's what this was. it's an indication that as much as we might like to say that the support for donald trump comet -- comes from people who have an ideological agenda when it comes to one issue or another. i think the truth is it's a lot of disaffected americans who are not particularly political. his largest support is people who don't vote in general. it was an internet comment come to life. and trump himself, i think, realized this. it's one of the reasons he got out of there fast. >> trump usually takes questions for a long time. you could sort of see -- i could kind of see on his face him
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needing his fans and i don't know if it was a dawning awareness of what that means, but it felt like he made for the exits pretty quickly. >> yeah, i have to admit, but i didn't even factor in as the trump phenomena has gone along this summer. i didn't factor in the possibility that, you know, the lingering birtherism might be one of the fundamental dynamics behind it. i center to recalibrate my own thinking based on tonight. it never occurred to me. as ben was talking about who thought it was just people who want someone outside of politics. i thought the birtherism had been wrung out of the public discourse when the president embarrassed him in front of all of official washington a few years ago. i was wrong. >> the birtherism being wrung out, i think it went underground. it was a reminder in the moment
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when the guy -- let me play it again. i want to play it one more time. take a look. >> okay. this man. i like this guy. >> from white plains. >> okay. >> we have a problem in this country it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question this is the fun -- >> we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we're looking at a lot of different things. people are saying bad things are happening out there. we'll look at that and plenty of other things. >> and bad -- he did rise to prominence the obama era as a birther. this is a reminder where the roots are. >> the funny thing about trump there are at lot of people around him who have worked with him and maintain he's not a racist. he's not antisemitic.
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he's not someone who puts the issues sort of forward and yet there seems to be a lot of excitement and support for him that comes from a faction of the american population that does have these kind of race based ethnic based priorities. i'm not sure that trump himself even understands the kind of phenomena he created in terms of this conversation, and the population of people who are excited by his presence in the race, i think the real problem is how do you deal with that and sympathize that? how do you deal with that that doesn't result in violence or urging on the things you're talking about here today the deportation of people because of their religious believes or you suggested ethnic cleansing. i don't want to get into that. >> let me just say this, charlie, i mean, you know, if someone gets up at a campaign event tomorrow and says to a campaign we've got a problem in this country to a candidate. we have a problem in this country with the jews. that candidate responds by saying we're going to be looking at a lot of things. that candidate is done.
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that is over. >> i was going to say one of the things -- >> i should hope so. >> one of the things you're going to be looking at is the want ads. >> exactly. and rightfully so. just to be clear about what was just exchanged -- what we saw. in some ways, you know, replace any group you want in there. but i cannot imagine that this is not, i mean, people have been predicting the death blow but what do you think? >> what was chairperson's wonderful image of slavery? like holding a wolf by the ears. i think donald trump realized he's holding a wolf by the ears. he can't let go. and if i can do a little cross presidential referencing. it's raining on and you're on a highway in texas. you can't run, you can't hide, you can't make it stop. he's lost control of whatever it is he unlearned. >> that's exactly what that town hall looked like to me as i was watching that jaw slack.
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thank you. the inevitable embarrassment that comes with running for public office. choice moments from last night's debate, and later the process of mohamed's arrest raised questions. i'll talk to the chief of police in irving to see what he had to say. female announcer: want your best rest ever?
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last night's marathon drew more than 23 million viewers. 23 million is a very, very large number. last season sunday night football averaged 2 million fewer viewers than last night's debate. which helped why cnn charged 40 times the usual rate for ads. while the debate was good for ratings, it wasn't good for us interested in the truth. over and over the 11 candidates in the main debate and the four in the debate earlier today made claims that were false.
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some of them dangerously so. donald trump claimed he never tried to bring casino gambling to florida. false. ted cruz said the nuclear agreement trusts the iranians to inspect themselves. we could spend the entire show fact checking the debate. there were three untruths that struck us as the most offensive. joining me now michelle goldberg. i want to start with something jeb bush said that got a lot of attention. bush being attacked by donald trump said bush's poor performance lead to the election of barack obama. here is how bush responded. >> as it relates to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure. he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember -- [ cheers and applause ] >> bush tweeted out that quote today along with his brother
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standing on the world trade center site. it is amazing it needs to be said, but apparently it does, the september 11th terror attacks occurred nine months into the term of bush. you could argue bush should not be accountable but it takes gal to claim that george w. bush kept americans safe. even if you don't count september 11th or the wars 277 americans died from george w. bush compared to 90 under obama. i can't believe they're going with this. >> and they're actually going with it. do you remember the rubble? if you remember the rubble then you know he empirically did not keep us safe. i was amazed that actually donald trump who at least as a new yorker didn't fire back with something.
12:18 am
because there used to be a climate of isn't a mown any around 9/11. we were supposed to pretend that bush did a heroic thing by going out with a bull horn. that dissipated by now. it should be obvious to everyone that whether or not you kind of blame him for -- >> right. >> it's like saying the secret service kept john f kennedy safe. it's not true. >> right. or one thing about fdr he stopped us from being surprise attacked. he did not do that. fdr did a lot of things. i'm amazed and i'm amazed the idea he kept us safe has become the weird thing for conservatives. >> that's because the climate of isn't a monoy, again, he was a sort of hero riding around in the ridiculous airplane as he did in mission accomplished. i think that dissipated for everyone else but maybe not for them. >> i want to talk about the most genuinely irresponsible one of the night. in is donald trump's suggestion a link between vaccines and
12:19 am
autism. >> you take a little beautiful baby and you pump -- it looks like it's meant for a horse not a child. we've had so many instances. people that work for me, the other day 2 and a half years old a beautiful child went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever. got very, very sick. now is autistic. i only say it's not -- i'm in favor of vaccines. do them over a longer period of time. same amount. >> thank you. >> but just in little sections. >> completely wrong. dis proven by literature. the initial article that had tenuously advanced had been retracted. the person published it banished. there's nothing that suggests it's unsafe. not at all true. two doctors on the stage stood by and refused to confront him. >> people are going to be hurt because of this. because so many people were
12:20 am
watching and because these untruths are so prevalent and so people are going to come away from this. >> 24 million people watched this. >> yeah. >> and now we have a return of all these communicable diseases because there's this hugely destructive vaccine epidemic. the thing that was shocking you have the two doctors sort of kind of objected -- >> extremely gently. >> so both of them said there really isn't a link proven but there is a problem with the vaccines. >> too many. >> and ben carson talked about there being some sort of problem with big government pushing this stuff. anyone who watched this took it at face value would come away thinking something sinister is going on. >> involved carly fiorina in terms of style one of her strongest moments. >> as regards to planned parenthood.
12:21 am
i dare hillary clinton and barack obama to watch the tapes. the fully formed fetus on the table. its heart beating. the legs kicking. while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. this is about the character of our nation. if we will not stand up and force barack obama to veto this bill, shame on us! >> heart felt? hugely misleading. there's a grizzly image of a fetus in the images. there's no evidence. the footage she's referring to has anything to do with planned parenthood. we asked fiorina's campaign for evidence and they sent the youtube video. it's not the undercover tapes. we don't know the source of this. >> they're not even claiming it's from planned parenthood.
12:22 am
this is just stock footage that is playing in these propaganda videos under somebody describing a scene of what she's talking about. >> right. but the thing she describes is just to be clear like doesn't happen in the way that she says. it's not some undercover video of them doing this ghastly thing. it's like me like i saw, you know, i saw carly fiorina punch an old lady in the face and 24 million people say carly punched aly i did in the face. not really. >> it's an imperial question. they're going back and forth. produce it. it's not there. >> right. produce it it's not there. you had something else to do about fiorina. >> the secretary and ceo thing. >> i went secretary to ceo. and it's all over her résume i think she owned secretary to ceo dot com. it's fraudulent.
12:23 am
her father was the dean of duke law school. he's nixon's deputy attorney general. she works as a secretary from summers off from stanford and joins at&t after business school on a management tract. it's just -- >> whatever you want to say whatever you made it in a corporate world that was difficult for women to penetrate at the time you were doing it. et. cetera. this is not some rags to riches story. >> right. what is so offensive she poses as a figure it proves anybody can do it. she uses it as a sort of everybody else not making it. >> she did not inherit a real estate fortunate from her father or a political dynasty. there's that. in the relative scheme of things -- ben carson is. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. up next a little exercise for you. can you fare better than some of the republican front runners?
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name an american woman who you believe should be on our currency. all right. got a name? great. you've done better than roughly half the republican candidates gracing the main stage last night who were asked the following question. which woman should be on the $10 bill? the lone woman on stage said we should keep the currency as is.
12:28 am
scott walker clara barton. rand paul went for susan b anthony. chris christie had this to say. >> i think the adams family has been shorted in the currency business. our country wouldn't be here without john adams and he wouldn't be able to do it without abigail. >> christie was initially referring to a different adams family. not the family of america's second first lady. marco rubio picked rosa parks. ted cruz picked rosa parks and said he would put her on the $20 bill. donald trump picked drawer ivanka but settled on rosa parks. two candidates could only come up with family members. mike huckabee chose his wife and ben carson selected his mother.
12:29 am
then the candidates who couldn't name a single american. john kasich picked mother theresa. jeb bush offered this. jeb bush offered this. >> i would go with ronald reagan's partner margaret thatcher. a strong leader is what we need in the white house and she was a strong leader. >> great okay. the final count is two foreigners, two families, two rosa parks. and one pass from the only woman on stage. for the people hoping to become our next leader for our nation. it shouldn't be that hard.
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a little more than 24 hours ahmed mohamed went from unknown to well known on the internet.
12:33 am
all because he homemade clock he constructed an invention he hoped would earn praise from the engineering teacher instead pulled out of the class and interrogated by police officers and bringing what police said was a hoax bomb. ahmed's three-day suspension from school stands. last night i got the chance to talk about what happened in school on monday after the teacher confiscated the clock saying it looked like a bomb. >> at what point did you find out that you were in trouble? ? >> the point where i saw a police officer and the principal. >> they came into your classroom? >> yes, and they took me out. i got all my stuff. >> they said get your stuff and come with us and where did you go? >> i went to an interrogation room filled with four other officers. it's a school resource room.
12:34 am
>> they put you in a chair and there's five officers total and the principal. did you ask them if you could call your parents? >> yes. >> and what did they say? >> they told me no you can't call your parents here. you're in the middle of an interrogation at the moment. >> what did they ask you? >> they asked me a couple of times is it a bomb? and i answered a couple of times it's a clock. >> and that didn't seem to satisfy them? >> no. >> how long were you in that room? >> about an hour 25 minutes. around an hour and 25. >> so what else were they asking you from is it a bomb if you were in there for an hour and a half? >> they asked me why i would bring to the clock to school.
12:35 am
i explained to them that i brought it to show my teachers to impress them. >> so eventually after an hour and a half is that when they handcuff you? >> yes. >> did they say you're under arrest or you're being charged? >> they told me i was under arrest and i asked him for what crime and they said a hoax bomb. >> how did you feel? >> i felt like i was a criminal. i felt like i was a terrorist. i felt like all the names i was called. >> what do you mean all the names you were called? >> i was called -- in middle school i was called a terrorist. called a bomb maker, it's because of my race and religion. >> you've been called that before by just by kids in your school? >> yes.
12:36 am
>> and were the officers saying things like that to you? >> one of the officers did comment on me walking into the room. >> what did he say? >> he got back in the reclining chair and relaxed and he said that's who i thought it was. >> what did you take that to mean? >> i took it to mean that he was pointing at me for what i am and my race, and he took it -- he took it at me because i was just a student. i never had any contact with him. i never talk toed him. >> that was my part of my interview with ahmed mohamed. one detail as ahmed said the police didn't allow him to call an adult either his parents or an attorney.
12:37 am
it may have directly violated texas law. i got a chance to talk with the irving police chief. i asked him about that. we'll have his answer when we return.
12:38 am
why his officers arrested ahmed mohammed for bringing a clock to school. first, this programming note. bernie sanders is in new york right now. in just about 20 minutes he'll be a guest on the rachel mad -- maddow show. rachel maddow. maddow. what are your goals for this season? i like to... no. not you. papa? we have this great kick-off special we're excited about. any big adjustments for the season? well there's this... no. papa? just our kick-off special. (in chinese): question for papa. does peyton ever stop talking? peyton (in chinese): papa doesn't even speak chinese. up your game with our kick-off special get any large two-topping pizza for just ten dollars
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three days after a 14-year-old muslim student was marched out of a texas school in handcuffs for making a hoax bomb, which was actually a clock. the irving police chief announced no charges will be filed against the boy saying there is no evidence that the freshman intended to cause harm. last night ahmed told me he was questioned for over an hour without being allowed to talk to his parents. >> did you ask them if you could call your parents?
12:41 am
>> yes. >> what did they say? >> they told me no you can't call your parents. you're in the middle of an interrogation at the moment. >> chief boyd said he was looking into the matter. >> is that your policies when someone is detained they're not permitted to call their attorney or their parent? >> as stated earlier any high profile situation we'll follow up -- i don't have the answer specifically to your question as to whether he was immediately allowed to call his father or not. >> boyd has not apologized for the way ahmed's arrest was handled and said race played no role in the incident. >> what would the police reaction and response been the same had this been a white student who brought that same exact device into the school? >> our reaction -- you've seen the image. our reaction would have been the same either way. that's a suspicious device. we live in an age where you can't take things like that to
12:42 am
school. we've seen it across our country. we have to err on the side of caution. >> joining me now is irving police chief larry boyd. chief boyd, given a little bit of time to process all this, i imagine you're feeling amount of press increase and the like. do you have regrets how it is handle? >> i think we're in the process of examining everything that occurred. all the decision points. what we want to do. looking out for the safety of the students and the staff and the school that we're talking about here macarthur high school, and also about how do you make best decision for the student involved in this particular case and you have to weigh the balance of two of those. clearly, as you said stated, there's been a great deal of attention to this issue.
12:43 am
i'm receiving a lot of feedback. what we want to make sure we do, as we do with everything. we want to learn and go forward and ensure we continue to make the best decisions for all the parties involved. >> is it standard operating procedure for five-year officers to interrogate a 14-year-old boy without his parents present? >> well, it's not, you know, i've heard it reported as five -- what i've heard was four. what occurred in this case is at the school. at every high school in irving there are two school resource officers assigned to that school. those two were already there, and because of the sort of the complicated nature of this, their supervisor arrived and he had another sergeant with him. there were four people there, ultimately. you know, so it's not a standard operating procedure. i understand why there were four people there.
12:44 am
>> is it your understanding, i think texas law is a little unclear here. is it your understanding your texas law that a child like ahmed in that position is entitled to have an adult present? >> it's not an entitlement. it's not something that the law dictates you have to have a parent present. certainly, you know, as a father i understand the desire to have parents involved, you know, in these sorts of situations. in this case when they arrived with the level of allegation and things they were trying to determine and what they were dealing with. you know, so that's not dictated by law. >> here is one of the things i think people are finding confusing. obviously if someone had brought an explosive device to a school would be terrifying. everyone would understand extraordinary measures taken.
12:45 am
but nothing was done to indicate that anyone actually thought this was actually an exploding device. no bomb squad called. there was no evacuation. once it's determined this is just a clock or just a piece of electronics, why then the arrest and all of that? that's hard for folks to understand. >> right. and i get that. i understand the concern and some of it has to do with exactly what you're talking about. the officers pretty quickly determined they weren't investigating an explosive device. what their investigation centered around is the law violation of bringing a device into a facility like that that is intended to create a level of alarm. in other words, a hoax bomb. something that is not really a bomb but is designed and presented in a way that it creates people to be afraid. >> right. but he never called it a bomb. he just kept calling it a clock.
12:46 am
it never came out of his lips. he never did something where he started showing it around saying look at the bomb i have. he said look at my clock. >> right. and we talked about this in a press conference i had yesterday. there was definitely some confusion and sudden level of information that didn't come out immediately. so certainly in the circumstance like that when the police arrive, you know, they're probably not going to, in many cay -- cases say i confess. this is not a bomb but i meant for it to look like a bomb. what are the pieces of evidence that go along with that to determine whether that happened or not. with what they had at that time, they made the best decision they thought they had at that point of time and released him to the parent and, of course, we followed up with additional investigation and got the rest of the picture together. >> chief, i know you said that
12:47 am
race and religion or ethnicity in this case had nothing to do with what happened. i want to play a section of my interview with ahmed last night and what the officer said. >> one of the officers commented on me walking in the room. >> what did he say? >> he got back in the reclining chair and he relaxed and he said that's who i thought it was. >> what did you take that to mean? >> i took it to mean that he was pointing at me for what i am -- my race, and he took it -- he took it at me because i was just a student. i never had any contact with him. i never talked to him. >> does that trouble you, chief? >> well, so i would like to meet with ahmed's father. we've talked about meeting. certainly that was a comment i
12:48 am
wanted to know more about. the officers have reported to their supervisors, which they reported to me the exact opposite so cured and that is when the officer went into the room it was a second school resource, as i understand it, made the comment that's not who i thought it was going to be. so it was the exact opposite of what he understood it to say. >> i just got to say i want to give you one last opportunity to say what i think a lot of people watching this are saying is. look, you have a tough job. you have to protect the kids. everyone is on high alert all the time. we've seen horrible news stories of things that happened in schools. saying yep we didn't get it right. i think it's hard for folks watching this from the outside seeing it link up. it seems like a tremendously poised, bright, genuine kid to be put through this.
12:49 am
yeah, we didn't get this one right >>well, you know, i said as i started the interview the officers made the decision they did with the information they had with what they thought was right at the time. we're clearly going to review this. we want to look at ways we can enhance to have a better outcome. there's a lot of decision points and alternative they they have available to them. we'll look at this. i can't really change anything there. what i want to do is make sure we have an opportunity to learn and improve and make good decisions. >> thank you for joining me. i'll joined by keith ellison.
12:50 am
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an eye opening backlash going on right now against 14-year-old ahmed mohamed after he brought a homemade clock to school to show his engineering teacher. frank gaffney tweeting a picture with a appears the clock next to ied device. can you tell the two apart? #i stand with beth. the mayor of irving, texas. she made national headlines when she completed a muslim mediation panel.
12:54 am
they describe her as a -- joining me now democratic representative keith ellison of minnesota, one of two muslim members of congress. your reaction to this story, to what is happening in irving. do the words you heard from the irving police chief >>well, obviously they're disturbing. they show a startling lack of willingness to take a responsibility for this obvious failure. i mean, you know, you take a kid and you put him in cuffs. they know this was not a bomb because they did everything to indicate they didn't believe it was a bomb. yet they cuffed him, and interrogated him. you know, this, to me, indicates that, you know, that they're trying to generate a climate of fear even among 14-year-old kids.
12:55 am
you think about the behavior of the mayor earlier this year, it lends itself to the idea there is a very bigoted culture emerging. i think the people of irving need to stand up and say this is not us. we're a tolerant community. >> joy, you're a parent. you have a 15-year-old son? >> yeah. my youngest song is 15. this young boy reminds me -- at that age you don't want to stand out in a negative way. you try to fit in with your peers. this is a kid doing as we as parents want our kids to do. being interested and curious in science. he's doing it all right and basically made a spectacle of humiliated. his first experience with police is to be handcuffed in front of his friends and dragged into a resource office. as a parent i have real problems with the idea of interrogating a child. my child there without me or his
12:56 am
dad. as a legal matter his parents need to look into that. we have a constitution. it applies. he's not an adult. he's a minor. his parents should have been called at minimum. the idea of what has done to this child's psyche we need to be concerned. >> i would be out of my mind with rage. >> out of my mind! >> my colleague at the nation wrote a piece today. he said barack obama should stand with ahmed and by visiting his mosque. and he pointed something out. george w. bush is the only person president to have visited a mosque. what do you think of that idea? do you think the president despite the tweet yesterday does he do enough to combat a dark rising tide of islam phobia? >> i believe that the president can make a really constructive difference in this situation. i remember when the whole debate took over when he talked about
12:57 am
race in a definitive way. we need to talk about religious tolerance in this country. the president has been the target of anti-muslim hate as much as anyone even though he's a christian. >> right. >> but the fact is i think this is a moment where leaders have to stand up and say that, look, you know, this is an inclusive country and you don't get to demonize a minority group. so i would be very pleased to see it. i've asked the president himself about this and i'm hoping before he closes up he'll visit a mosque. >> i want to play, again, i watched the debate last night from the republican party. they were talking about islamic terrorism, radical islamism. it's true they're not saying all muslims. they're not going out of their way saying it's a small group of extremists. as george w. bush did. i'm going play it again from the donald trump town hall today. >> this man. i like this guy.
12:58 am
>> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. it's a -- >> anyway we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them. >> >> we'll look at a lot of things. a lot of people are saying that and that bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> i want to say the trump campaign response when asked to elaborate on the initial response one of the nbc news reporters he said christians need support in this country. their religious liberty are at stake. >> children should not be interrogated by police without their parents. our muslim-american children are american children. they need to be brought in and embraced. >> is it getting worse, congressman?
12:59 am
i feel like the fever pitch is getting worse. the things i hear people get away with saying about muslims are shocking to me. >> well, you know, it ebbs and flows. right after 9/11 it was not this bad. then the lights of frank gaffney and others well financed anti-muslim hate machines got pretty ugly. i'll never forget some of the things said last presidential election and now it seem the like we're turning up the hate machine again. what donald trump did there is perhaps as much as any time i've ever seen him. he has shown how utterly unqualified he is to be a leader in this country. >> yeah. >> i mean, he has demonstrated that he has no moral courage, and it's shocking the way he responded to that questioner. >> joy reid and keith ellison. thank you both. >> rachel maddow show starts now with a big interview i'm going to run up to my office to watch. >> thank you very much.
1:00 am
i'm excited about it, too. i will not follow you to your office. >> thank you for joining us. is an exciting show. bernie sanders is here live and in in person. we'll sit down for an extensive discussion with senator sanders. he's the democratic frontrunner, maybe, in the early state of iowa. he's definitely the democratic frontrunner in the early state of new hampshire. hillary clinton, of course, is still the favorite overall for the democratic nomination but bernie sanders for president campaign is no longer just a exciting liberal dot. bernie sanders is here tonight. before we bring senator sanders in. there is news today following last night's marathon second republican presidential candidate debate.


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